Essentials That: Make a Woman Feel like a Woman

January 7, 2018



 I love being a woman & feeling like a woman. I don't know about you  Guys(ladies), But it's just something about the way a woman(me) Touch ,Smell, The way she(me) dress, The way she express herself, Make her(me) feel like a woman!!


I do believe in the phase"If  you look good,Then you will feel good". 

I also think it's things you have to do to feel good too..As for me it starts with setting the atmosphere by lighting a candle and then hygiene..Ex: ,taking a shower, facial hygiene,favorite body lotion, body oils,shower gel, favorite perfume, favorite underwear  Etc.....


I start my" look good, feel good" off with a shower.

  • Light your favorite candle. My favorite scents are fresh clean scents: Autumn Sunshine, winter apple, cherry blossom from Bath and Body works. 

  • My favorite body wash & the only body wash i use is, Stress Relief Eucalyptus & Spearmint body wash. I love this body wash  because  the smell is AMAZING.. but it have Essential oils which helps with anxiety,Stress,Sleep & is a healing agent, .. Eucalyptus oil: Clears the mind, Spearmint oil: soothes and uplifts, Which helps me relax and breathe in deep.I also love the way it make my skin feel very soft, smooth,hydrated. It doesn't  leave your  skin with a dry, rubber, residue feeling like the Bar of soap does.

  • Lather up with your favorite body oil & creams. to Name a couple of my Fav body cream are: sea island cotton, Winter Apple, Eucalyptus & Spearmint body oil.

  • Facial regimen: Refer to Foundation to flawless Skin & Makeup blog.

  • After your facial regimen the next step is applying your Everyday foundation makeup look.

  •  Most exciting part: Finding that perfect outfit..How many of us spend so much time trying to figure out what to wear? Pick me! So to save time pick out your outfit the night before so that way you have enough time to put together a bomb outfit, And you will feel like that Woman you love to feel like.

  • And last but not least: You are now ready to go out and enjoy yourself because you know what they say "If you look good, You feel good..



                   ~ Frenchell

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